Lustron Locator Map
Operating Instructions


♦ To pan around the map, left click and drag (or swipe with two fingers on mobile devices)

♦ To zoom in and out of the map, scroll with your mouse scroll wheel (you can pinch to zoom on mobile devices)

♦ Clicking on a House Icon will open up cataloged information on that house and a picture (if available) on the left sidebar of the map

Additional Tools

♦ Pressing this button in the top right corner of the map will open the full-screen map in a new tab. You can use the search function in the full screen version.

♦ Pressing this button in the top left corner of the map will open up the side bar. The side bar contains the map’s two layers: “Standing Lustron Homes” and “Demolished Lustron Homes”

♦ Each of the two layers can be turned on or off, allowing you to view only standing or only demolished houses

♦ Each layer list can also be expanded, allowing for easier lookup of specific towns or addresses. Individual houses are listed in the following syntax: