The Map

The Lustron Locator is powered by Google. The main map was created in Google MyMaps, and the pictures mostly consist of screenshots from Google StreetView. In areas where StreetView is unavailable or when a house has been demolished, historical satellite imagery from Google Earth is utilized for the picture section.

The Information

The catalog of houses currently listed on The Lustron Locator is taken almost entirely from the directory in the back of Tom Fetters’ book The Lustron Home: The History of a Postwar Prefabricated Housing Experiment. Without Mr. Fetters’ comprehensive research, this site simply wouldn’t be possible.

I also encourage anyone in the community who may have more information regarding any of the listed Lustron houses, or anyone who knows about a house that isn’t listed to contact me through the Contact page. If I’m missing any information, or have an error on the site, let me know!